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interiorcad or interior xs

interiorcad or interior xs?

Vectorworks interiorcad is a an excellent value at less than US$1200.00. For less than US$400.00, there is interior xs, which can get you going with the modeling capability, but without cutlists and other production features. See the comparison below.
interior xs works with all of the Vectorworks (and Renderworks) capabilities, as you see above. It does not model most functional hardware such as hinges or drawer slides. It does model some functional hardware, such as shelf pin boring and leveler legs. And it does model decorative hardware such as door pulls/handles. interior xs is upgradable to interiorcad at no cost penalty, so it is easy to begin working with interior xs and then step up to interiorcad.

interior xs is perfect for architects and interior designers, as well as kitchen and bath showrooms.