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About interiorcad

Vectorworks interiorcad is a powerful set of plug-in tools and commands for Vectorworks to parametrically design cabinets and case goods, built-in or free standing. Working within Vectorworks means that it is powerful, versatile, and smart. Choosing to build on Vectorworks, the German engineers at extragroup have created software that intuitively thinks and works like a cabinetmaker. When a user comes on something beyond the parametric cabinet capability, as is inevitable, all the power of Vectorworks is immediately available with the mere selection of a Vectorworks tool. All the power of Renderworks can be available to depict the scene just the way you want. Having the 3D modeling core of Parasolids by Siemens and the rendering engine of Cinema 4D puts you in world class company for your design work.
interiorcad or interior xs plus Cabinet Vision®

Like other cabinetmakers, you may find Vectorworks interiorcad to be a great Cabinetmaker Software addition to Cabinet Vision® if you already use it. Though it can indeed be a Cabinet Vision® alternative, each can have its place, as some shops vastly prefer Vectorworks interiorcad for their design and customer presentation drawing phases. They can still utilize their years of experience with Cabinet Vision® to get the job to the production floor.

interiorcad or interior xs?

Vectorworks interiorcad is a an excellent value at less than US$1200.00. For less than US$400.00, there is interior xs, which can get you going with the modeling capability, but without cutlists and other production features. See the link below.
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