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Vectorworks and interiorcad Freebies


An important aid to harnessing the productive power of Vectorworks for most users is the use of keyboard shortcuts. To optimize this capability, many people use the Workspace Editor to customize their own shortcuts.

VW_Keyboard is a tool which graphically portrays the Keyboard Shortcuts for Vectorworks Tools and Commands for a particular Vectorworks Workspace. It works for any Workspace existing since Vectorworks 2008, and it maps the shortcuts to a keyboard diagram. Since version 2008, Vectorworks can export a text file of the workspace, including Keyboard Shortcuts. By itself the long Text File is of little practical value, but VW_Keyboard unleashed the enormous raw power contained therein.

Use the links below to download the appropriate version for your Mac or PC. 

These are Zip files (Compressed Folders) containing FileMaker runtime files as well as a Read Me file with instructions.

Uncompress the Zip file. After reading the Read Me file, VW_Keyboard is properly opened by double clicking on the file. This is the same structure as the Plant Database, if you use that. You do not need to have FileMaker to use this stand-alone tool.

This is a freebie without formal support, but if you have questions about this tool or have questions when downloading, please contact me — Tom Pearce at I am a long time trainer and I enjoy explaining things. I developed this tool for my own use when Vectorworks created the text export button in the Workspace Editor and am happy to share it with the Vectorworks community.

Remember - This tool maps YOUR shortcuts or the standards ones, depending on the Vectorworks Workspace Text File you use.
The tool is formatted for 11" x 17" page size, a good scale at which they are realistically readable. Abbreviations can be confusing, but many have been used here to fit the text. If you use the tool in its advanced mode you can customize the abbreviations to suit yourself.